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N'Gunu Tiny - global fintech
How is the pandemic affecting global fintech?

16th September, 2020

Emerald Group CEO N’Gunu Tiny on the pandemic and global fintech, including new opportunities and the race towards digitisation.   Read More

How blockchain funding will disrupt the games industry in Africa?

16th September, 2020
Fintech and innovate tech expert N’Gunu Tiny on the potential of blockchain funding models to transform the global gaming industry and the games industry in Africa. Read more.

N'Gunu Tiny - games industry in Africa
N'gunu Tiny - Impact Investor Is Banking on the Truth
Impact Investor Is Banking on the Truth

August 28th, 2020

N’Gunu Tiny, an impact financier, invested in Poligrafo, a fact-checking enterprise that helped debunk several pandemic-related myths this year.   Read More

What’s the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain?

12th August, 2020
Investor and fintech expert N’Gunu Tiny analyses the near and long-term future of cryptocurrency and associated blockchain technology, including institutional investors, stablecoins and market volatility. Read more.

N'Gunu Tiny - future of cryptocurrency
N'Gunu Tiny - African banking sector - shutter stock
How COVID-19 is affecting the African banking sector

August 11th, 2020

N’Gunu Tiny, CEO of the Emerald Group discusses the impact COVID-19 is having on the African banking sector and why digitisation could be the answer.   Read More

N´Gunu Tiny: o “menino de ouro” angolano das finanças

July 28, 2020
N’Gunu Tiny recebeu o epíteto de “menino de ouro” das finanças após ter fechado uma parceria com um membro da família real do Abu Dhabi. Lidera o Emerald Group e é sócio de José Maria Ricciardi e Jorge Tomé na Optimal Investments.  Read more on Jornal de Negócios and Tekdeeps.

N'gunu Tiny image
N'Gunu Tiny press - 28.07.2020 -1
N'Gunu Tiny press - 28.07.2020
N'Gunu Tiny - new opportunities for fintech
How the pandemic is creating new opportunities for fintech

July 28, 2020

Digital solutions will be in even more demand due to the ramifications of the pandemic, including distributed working and the need to cut costs. Could fintech lead innovation into a new normal? Read More

How DLT and Blockchain underpin the Fourth Industrial Revolution

July 03, 2020
Investor, fintech expert and CEO of Emerald Group N’Gunu Tiny on the technological advances that have led to blockchain, distributed ledger technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Read More

N'Gunu Tiny - Fourth Industrial Revolution
N'gunu Tiny image
Golden boy of Angolan finance N’Gunu Tiny adds Emirati string to his bow

June 05, 2020

Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan has become the new business partner of Angolan financier and ex-minister’s son N’Gunu Tiny.  Read More or view the PDF version of English and French.

N'Gunu Tiny - free tech to banks
N’Gunu Tiny On The Fintechs Offering Free Tech To Banks During Coronavirus

June 02, 2020

Times of crisis and challenge bring out the best in many individuals. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fintech sector is proving its ability to empathize with clients, consumers and customers by offering free tech to banks and financial institutions.  Read More

How COVID-19 is affecting the fintech sector around the world?

May 01, 2020
Investor and fintech expert N’Gunu Tiny on how COVID-19 is affecting the fintech sector, and how slower financial services businesses are working with fintech to digitally enhance their services.  Read More

N'Gunu Tiny - COVID-19 on the fintech sector (1)
N'Gunu Tiny Emerald Group partners with HH Hamad Bin Khalifa
Emerald partners with HH Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Mohamed Al Nahyan to develop infrastructure and finance in Africa

April 26, 2020
The Emerald Group announced its strategic partnership with Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Mohamed Al Nahyan’s Personal Office, the Department of Projects.  Read More

A guide to impact investing and its increase among mainstream investors

April 07, 2020
Investor and fintech expert N’Gunu Tiny on the importance of impact investing in a world that needs to balance business and society more than ever before. Including analysis of the difference impact investment makes to financial inclusion.   Read More

N'Gunu Tiny- impact investing
N'Gunu Tiny - future of blockchain
What’s The Future of Blockchain Technology?

March 17, 2020
Investor and fintech expert N’Gunu Tiny on the future of blockchain technology and its revolutionary potential, including how it works, why it’s popular and real-world uses of blockchain tech.   Read More

Does Bitcoin hold any value as an investment

March 11, 2020
Blockchain may have leapt from concept to reality with the launch of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2009, but it took me slightly longer to get on board as an investor. I began following Bitcoin from afar in 2015 as a tradable asset but felt it too early and regulations too unclear to remove the risks associated with trading it.   Read More

N'Gunu Tiny- What's the future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
N'Gunu Tiny - Empowering women in Africa through microfinancing (compressed)
Empowering women in Africa through microfinancing

January 16, 2020
Technology is changing the world of finance by encouraging innovation in the sector and creating new ways of thinking. In Africa, it is helping to tackle gender inequality by creating opportunities for equal and fair access to banking services and the development of regional and local communities.     Read More

The future of African Banking and the impact of mobile money

January 6, 2020
Technology is changing the world of finance at a staggering pace and Africa is quietly leading the way in mainstream adoption. General infrastructure has been a historical deterrent to the dissemination of financial services in the continent, which made for a largely unbaked population. Today that represents a unique opportunity both businesswise and to social development.             Read More

N'Gunu Tiny - press page - The future of African Banking and the impact of mobile money