About N’Gunu Tiny | Founder of the Emerald Group
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About N’Gunu Tiny

About N’Gunu Tiny, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the Emerald Group

N’Gunu Tiny is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Emerald Group, a diversified investment group.
He’s an experienced business specialist and has established leading investment businesses within several sectors, including financial services, natural resources, media and real estate. And he’s passionate about digital transformation and innovation in banking, fintech, blockchain, impact investing and business.

N’Gunu Tiny – businessman, advisor, philanthropist and impact investor

N’Gunu Tiny  was a Partner and Board Member at Optimal Investments, SA. He was also Co-Founder and Former Chairman of Eaglestone, London, a boutique investment focusing on energy, commodities and natural resources. While in tenure until 2013, he advised on significant transactions including:
• Restructuring a state-owned metals mining company
• A major gas and oil company’s acquisition of an upstream asset in a Sub-Saharan African country
• Selling an upstream asset in a Sub-Saharan African country to a London Stock Exchange listed company.

Right from the start of his career, N’Gunu Tiny has enjoyed several prestigious advisory roles including:
• Chairman of the General Meeting of Finibanco (2011-2013).
• Board Member of the Angola Securities Exchange Commission (2011-2012).
• Board Member of the De Beers Angola Investments (2012-2013).

N’Gunu Tiny is a philanthropist and supporter of the arts and education. He was a Strategic Partner of Africa Centre, a member of the International Advisory Board of the Atlantic Council, a member of Advisory Council of the Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, and Patron of the British Museum. He is also a World Fellow of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. He is passionate and long-time collector of classic and contemporary art.

In 2017 Tiny was recognised as one of the 100 most influential Leaders of Tomorrow by the Choiseul Institute and more recently he was awarded the Forbes Best of Africa Award 2019.



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